Design Your Home in Style This Summer

Design Your Home in Style This Summer

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For summer décor creating breathing space by removing extra stuff is the first advice. It is a season to relax and enjoy cool color palettes, casual interiors and getting rid of heavy material, dark shades and unwanted stuff lying in the corners. Follow few advices and experience the lightness in the mind and home.

Bring inside out: To begin with, get the outside in, pay attention at the outdoors. Bring outdoors in by adding elements to that place. Hang articles in the balconies, place mud utensils filled with grains and water for thirsty birds. Colorful fresh flowers with fresh fragrance spreading in is the another best way to keep home cool and fresh. You can also add Bamboo plants, hemp and leafy plants inside the living room to experience exotic feel of the outside.


Curtains: Remove drapes first of all and hang curtains instead. Getting rid of the scorching sunlight, curtains are essential in this season. Choose light material with pleasing shades, you may also introduce valances for a finished look of your windows. Valances add welcoming touch to the living room.

Furniture: Never go with Rexine or leather instead buy wrought iron or cane furniture. Choose white, grey or neutral colors for removable slipcovers. Experimenting with splash of colors can be fun if going for decorative stuff but be smart and choose cotton or khadi material instead of synthetic wraps.

Comfortable: Summers means vacations, kids at home and they demand fun and attention at the same time. If kids are around it is tough to keep things in place, hence, minimal is maximum will be the mantra for this. Remove carpets, use valances and avoid drapes, light weight curtains and bed covers are easy to wash and dry. Keep obstacles like statues and decorative pieces in the corner only to avoid any damage to kids as well as the piece. (Pun intended).

Involve kids: Create decorative pieces using shells and pearls. Involve kids in these activities to enhance their creativity and to utilize their spare time.


Summer decor is all about finding the right balance between enjoyment, relaxing, and livable interiors. Making home the best place to relax this summer is possible with few easy décor ideas that not only extend coolness in the interior also enhances beauty of the house.


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