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We hope you are enjoying the rain. But with this godsend comes a scourge of other problems. Namely pests like ants and other insects (fruit flies).

If you, like millions of others, start to see ants in your kitchen or other parts of your home, know this – you can get rid of them with one easy life hack. We all know that ants are attracted to sugar. They seem to have a special sugar magnet that draws them to a single crumb of the stuff. In this life hack, you’re going to use their craving for sugar against them.

With a simple mixture, you’re going to help rid your home of ants at the source. Because they go after sugar, you can mix it with something that they wish they didn’t bring home to their queen.

A great way to do this is to mix sugar with other products. For example, boron salt also known as Borax is a great solution for this. This chemical is found in high detergents. And if ants eat it, it proves deadly.

All you need to do to use boron salt to rid yourself of an ant problem is mix two tablespoons of boron salt with a half cup of table sugar. Then add enough water to make the mixture dissolve.

When you’ve made your anti-ant solution, place the container with the salt and sugar mixture somewhere that will temp the ants to dig in.

Because the ants are desperate for that sugar, they will accidentally take some of the boron salt back to the ant colony with them. That means they will inadvertently hand over the poisonous substance to their queen. And if the queen gets poisoned, then no more baby ants. The colony is finished.

Once you’ve finished setting this DIY trap for the ants, make sure you clean up effectively. You don’t want children or pets accidentally enjoying some of the poison as well. While it might not be as deadly for them as for the ants, it could certainly do some harm.

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